C/WEB programs in TeX Live


Welcome to “All Things WEB” in TeX Live.

Here you find the documented source code of all major WEB and CWEB programs in readable format. With the exception of XeTeX, all documents are in the HINT format and can be viewed with the hintview program; see the HINT homepage for the latest version.

The NAMED entries represent the unmodified base sources as written by their respective authors, the attached chg links point to only the changed sections (or modules) as applied for release in the TeX Live distribution, so you may want to study these pairs in parallel. Care has been taken to keep the section numbering intact.

Although not all the programs presented here are written or maintained by Donald Knuth, it is more convenient for everything to be collected in one place for reading and searching. And they all stem from the system that Knuth created.

Note that all WEB programs are mogrified from Pascal code to C code before compilation, so further modifications and amendments will occur for the real thing, i.e., the production of the executable WEB programs. (The CWEB programs do not require these extra modifications, they get linked directly to the external runtime environment.)

If you believe to have found anything that remains technically, historically, typographically, or politically incorrect in any of these files, please feel free to report bugs in TeX and friends or contact the maintainer of this collection directly.

Canonical Knuthian WEB programs

Complementary WEB programs by other authors

CWEB programs by Knuth et al.

Errata for “Computers & Typesetting” by Donald E. Knuth

Happy C/WEB Programming!

2024-07-09 Andreas Scherer