The LaTeX Brochure

This is the most recent version (Jan 2013) of the publicity flyer for LaTeX that I showed at the TUG meeting in Delaware in 2001. It is designed for printing on A3 paper, double-sided, and folding once to A4. This version includes a copy for Ledger paper (two Letter pages side-by-side).

Front and back
Front and back
Inside pages
Inside pages

If you have been maintaining a mirror or other copy of this document, please update it with this version.


This is free documentation, issued under the LaTeX Project Public License.


Source code
brochure.tex24KLaTeX source
brochure.sty4.3KLaTeX styles
brochure.bib3.0KBiBTeX file
brochure.pdf1.2MPDF output
brochure-a3folderFB.pdf1.6MA3 Front and back (PDF)
brochure-a3folderIN.pdf355KA3 Inside pages (PDF)
brochure-ledgerfolderFB.pdf1.7MLedger Front and back (PDF)
brochure-ledgerfolderIN.pdf356KLedger Inside pages (PDF)
diagram-crop.eps115KGraph diagram (EPS)
diagram-crop.pdf11KGraph diagram (PDF)
fullscreen.eps1.6MProduction screenshot (EPS)
fullscreen.pdf572KProduction screenshot (PDF)
sample-crop.eps491KFont sampler (EPS)
sample-crop.pdf241KFont sampler (PDF)
typo.eps35KFake woodcut (EPS)
typo.png16KFake woodcut (PDF)

The fake woodcut has been degraded as I do not have permission to distribute the original.

Peter Flynn